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nuun is a smart hydration ecosystem that provides personalised and sustainable healthy hydration whenever and however you want. It combines flavours, enhancers, and carbonation to match your mood and delight your taste buds. With so many enhanced hydration choices at your fingertips, a better day starts with nuun.


add some flavour

With exciting flavours such as the invigorating lemon & lime to the tropical freshness of pineapple & mango, we brighten up your day with our enhanced range of still and sparkling water, with flavours that harness the best of nature. Mix and match flavours at the touch of button, and embark on a new adventure with every refill.

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We join delicious flavours with special enhancers so that you can muuv forward happy & healthy. Whether you want an immunity boost or to stay focused, we help you unlock your highest potential. Create your own drink with the enhancers and flavours of your choice, and get ready for a day full of possibilities.


Healthy hydration for a healthier tomorrow

Our nuun machine provides a tasty alternative to single-use waterbottles and offers an enhanced "sustainability-forward" hydration experience. Use our smart reusable bottles to track your positive impact.

Water bottle

encourages use of reusable bottles 


filters water from the tap protecting our playground with smart hydration


protecting our playground with smart hydration

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We are here to answer all of your questions about nuun and everything it offers to enhance your everyday.

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